Magazine Articles:           
Addressing the Democratic Deficit Housing Green Paper 2007
Lib Dems welcome Mutual Home Ownership Liberal Democrats Policy Paper
Fabians support Co-op Housing Solutions Radical new housing policies from the Fabian Society
Mutual Home Ownership Is it the answer for key workers?
Commonhold; a new lease of life from Labour Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act.
Co-operative living through commonhold Effects of new leasehold legislation.
Can Ken keep the key workers? Housing key workers in London.
Do Co-operators care about the homeless? Co-operative housing and homelessness
Mutuo's New Community Gateway Model  Community empowerment in social housing
Turning Tenants into Landlords  Co-operative housing opportunities.
A new goal for Tottenham's old co-op store Converting non-residential  buildings to housing.
Health and Social Care

Mutuals care about Older People Mutual care for Older People
Child's play New mutual models for childcare.
New Foundations for the NHS The case for Foundation Hospitals.
Just what the Directors ordered Institute of Directors plan for the NHS.
Making mutuality meaningful Mutuals and the new Financial Services legislation.
Ownership does matter Mutual ownership of public services.
ESOPs  are not fables Employee Share Ownership Plan.
Stopping the loan sharks Community re-investment & financial exclusion. 
Trusting our mutual friends Demutualisation of building societies.
Back to their Roots Modern trade unions and mutuality.
A bright future for our mutual friends The future of friendly societies.
2001 Year Zero for Co-op Report of Tony Blair's Co-op Commission.
UK needs a Community Re-investment Act now. The Co-op and  Community Finance Initiatives.
Re-inventing the Co-op How the retail co-operative movement is modernising.
Winning the generation game Ageism in the workplace.
Churchill's favourite socialist Biography of AV Alexander.