Personal Details;


  Glyn Thomas  JP I.Eng MIET  


  My work with the Third Sector includes participating in a wide range of voluntary organisations eg co-ops, friendly societies and social enterprises . As the vice Chair of CDS Co-operatives , I am very involved with the co-operative housing sector.  CDS is the largest secondary housing co-op in London and the South East.   I am also involved with the co-op retail sector as an elected member of the Co-op Group's North London Area Committee.  
  I was a senior manager of Millbank Studios which is the largest TV news facility in Westminster until I retired in 2001.  Millbank Studios specializes in parliamentary news coverage.  I also managed  the company's contract to provide the technical facilities for the BBC Parliament channel. Previously I  have worked for the Reuters news agency and several ITV companies.   
  Current activities.                                  
  Co-op Sector    
  CDS Co-operatives (secondary housing co-op)  Board Member (Vice Chair)  
  The Co-operative Group  Member -North London Area Committee    
  Co-operatives UK (Southern Sectional Council) Member  
  Phone Co-op Member  
  Westmill Co-operative Wind Farm Member  
  Industrial Common Ownership Fund Member  
  Mutual Sector    
  National Deposit Friendly Society    Member - Policy Forum  
  National Housing Federation  Member Policy forum on Older People  
  Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases NHS Foundation Trust. Member  
  Land for People - Wales Member  
  Middlesex Bench Justice of the Peace  
  Chipping Barnet Labour Party Member  
Compass             (think tank) Member
  Former activities    
  Watford Community Housing Trust Independent Board Member  
  (A Community Gateway scheme)    
  Labour Housing Group EC     (think tank) Member   
  Co-operative Housing Finance Society  Director (non-executive)  
  Co-operative Housing Group   (think tank) Member  
  London Borough of Barnet Co-op Party Vice Chair  
  North London Co-op Party Council Member  
  Barnet Lay Visitors Panel  Member    
  London Borough of Camden  Councillor                   
  BECTU - [media trade union] Various offices