Rochdale Principles                                             co-op history
December 1844

The Rochdale Pioneers 1844

On December  21st 1844, the 28 weavers who founded the 
Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Society adopted the Rochdale 
principles as the guiding principle to their new co-operative society.  
It was not the first co-operative society but it was the most 
successful and laid the foundations of the International Co-operative 

The Rochdale Principles

                                             (1)       Open Membership
                                             (2)       Democratic control [one member - one vote]
                                             (3)       Distribution of surplus in proportion to trade
                                             (4)       Payment of limited interest on Capital
                                             (5)       Political and Religious neutrality
                                             (6)       Cash trading
                                             (7)       Promotion of education